Saturday, December 13, 2008


Check it out! My boss is setting up a blog and updating her facebook--some networking tools she learned about at her convention this past week--she encouraged me to set up a facebook.
So far it's pretty fun...found friends from High School and Bill's family!
Seems like my Mommie said at one time she had a facebook...can't seem to find her though.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well one minute I was blogging happily about being organized for Christmas and the next minute I've landed in frickin' December! What happened? AUGH!
Good news...mostly done with shopping stuff...even wrapped a few! ha! Been to Thanksgiving and brought food! :) Cooked some extensive food that lasted more than one meal. :) I some regards I've been doing ok.
BUT!!! I've given up on organized Christmas this year. Sometimes you just put too much on your plate and loose site of why you are here. I think that was one of those moments. I've managed to have two was viral and assisted me in a 6 pound weight loss last month. it was very yucky. This weekend I leafed with my family at my parents and I think I swallowed one too many leaves...I have that crud that the snot goes down the back of your throat and then makes your throat raw and then you loose your voice! UGH! This too shall pass.
This is the last two weeks before CHRISTMAS BREAK for my son! He is impossible to live with some days! He's so excited about the holidays! BUT for a WONDERFUL change, he has been golden at school and for the most part at home. Usually someone has told him Santa doesn't exist and our lives are in upheaval for those moments from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Then on Christmas day when he views the wonderful gifts that Santa has left for him you hear a resounding : "He does EXIST!" Santa usually leaves proof of his existance with eaten cookies, mess in the yard from the reindeer--we leave them special food and water and they are a mess group--and a letter from Santa telling Will how proud he is of him. :) I love Santa. Those mean old meanies seem to have left him alone this year...that or he just doesn't let them bother him anymore. :)
It's just moments from our 3rd annual Chris-Hannu-Yule celebration starting the Sunday after the last day of school. We started this 3 years ago when my son inquired as to why we didn't celebrate the Jewish Holiday. We researched it, and created a handmade menorah and celebrated the miracle of the oil. Yule has also always been celebrated since before his birth...being Pagan we find the Winter solstice to be particularly special. AND of course, as previously we were Christian and our children's Maternal Grandparents are Christian, we make a point to celebrate Christmas with them every year. What I hope to accomplish with this celebratory show is to allow my children to grow up tolerant and hopefully accepting of people's differences. It's a blessing that we are all so diverse, not a curse.
So...been cubscouting it, been working, been playing with the silly kids, been visiting family with the family, been dealing with one illness or another, been creating :) ...promise not to be gone so long next time!