Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mission June

It is June…I've noticed a considerable lag in my blogging…I'm not thrilled. I've also notice considerable lag in lots of areas of my life so I need to make some goals. Here we go:

  1. Baby steps with the Fly Lady to get back on track in the house.
  2. Find top of Dining Room table and reorganize the scrappy area so that I can create some awesome cards for my family and SCRAPBOOK
  3. Create 1 layout a week with Will this summer.
  4. CROCHET…I've been missing this…assemble Sam's blankie—already did the medallions, just needs assembling. Find a blankie that Will loves and create for him for Christmas present.
  5. SEW…Will wants some new homemade shirts from his Mommy. J I have material for 1…make him 3 by start of school.
  6. GARDEN!!! Finish flower bed and work on VEGGIE garden!!!
  7. Get calendar ready for Organized Christmas…don't want to be left in the cold on that one.
  8. Get stuff rolling for roof damage…would like son in his new room by August 24th.
  9. Read—every night.
  10. Organize photos to make it easier to scrapbook.

That ought to keep me busy, at least a day or two…