Friday, July 22, 2005

Dragon is going to get his Puppy...

My DS [5--joy of his parents' and grand-parents' lives] has for several years wanted a sibling. He "adopts" friends' siblings and treats them better than their own siblings. He tells us he wants a baby sister. . . or a baby brother--but I think he wishes for a baby sister more. He wants to name her Reviva. We'll have to discuss that further when the time comes.

My mother's 7 year old dog Samantha Beaux suddenly died last Tuesday. She was an amazing and large Laborador--Black. It was awful...I cried the entire night, most of the next day. I'm sure not as much as Mommie and Daddy did but alot none-the-less. She had a sudden heart attack. Mommie and Daddy and Bubba I [parents' turtle 3 years old] were with her when she passed.

13 days ago began what those of us TTC call the 2ww [two week wait]. It's really a 13day wait for me. This is the time following ovulation where you've already put all the physical energy that you can into making a baby...all you have left is the wait...the worry...the insanity. I have a core group of friends at Fertility I met Eve. We wait together. We support each other through this INSANE time. I was noticing my temperatures were doing some unusual things...unusual in that they didn't reflect my previous cycle that I had charted--it was my FIRST there's a pretty good chance that both were unusual...but we'll say that the first one was a baseline. I was noticing that my boobs were doing a lot of changing as well--enlarging, aching, being tender, etc. And there was the outbreak on my skin. And there was the non-stop peeing. and that odd wave of nausea. and my I was tired. and my people were irritating to me.

In complete and total denial I chose to pee on an OPK [ovulation prediction kit]. Keep in mind...already ovulated this cycle. I had read at some length succes that folks had had in popping a positive on the OPK and finding themselves to be PG. It was positive. I was amazed. I took a HPT [Home Pregnancy Test] from the $tree. It was VERY VERY FAINT. I was slightly relieved. Surely I'm not. I went about my day. That was Wednesday. During lunch I bought some more PG tests at the $tree--don't want to go broke making the baby. I peed only after 30 minutes of the last time I went pee. was positive. I chose to wait until Thursday morning to do an official pee.

Thursday morning...
I peed on not one but two tests [a $tree, and an Equate]. Both were most certainly positive. hmm. I wake up DH. I ask him, what do you want to do? He said I want the test line to be darker. I looked up some information on the internet and found that a line is a line...the shade doesn't matter. I informed DH of my findings. He says, let's call the clinic and see what they say.

I call the clinic. Explain to the receptionist my history [she is new], explain that I'm holding a positive Equate test, and say "now what?" She says my OB is out but Dr. McMillan is in, she talks briefly to Dr. Mc. I was to come in and give some blood. They would run a serum test that I'd have the results of in 30 minutes, and they would run an HCG level and a progesterone test as well that they'd send out and I'd know for sure by Monday. I went to the clinic. gave blood. left.

I ran some other errands. I came on into work--Thursday's I work 11-8. There was no message--the place where they were to call me. I called the clinic. She said, your test was positive. We'll call you no later than Monday with the results of the rest and what else we need to do if anything.

I thought...when will this little bean be born if this really is it, if we have no complications, no miscarriage. I'd be due in April. DS was born in 2000...He was born under the Chinese astrological sign of the Dragon! We were very excited as we love dragons in our house. We are not Chinese, have no Chinese heritage, we just love Dragons. Both DH and I are born under the sign of the Rooster. Baby bean would be born under the sign of the DOG. DH and I all believe that souls come and go through their earthly shells and show up in another shell. Perhaps, our puppy that will be born in April, is Samantha Beaux returning to earth. I have a feeling that our dragon will love getting a puppy! :)

I can't wait to tell him.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Just one of those things I do in my spare time...

I am making 100 of these...40 of the red, 40 of the blue and 20 of the varigated...they will be sewn together in a bulls-eye pattern [sort of, final square will be 10×10] This is a baby blanket for my nephew who is due 09-30-2005. This will be my second nephew. His name is supposed to be David Paul [the grandfather's first names].

thought you'd like to know. :)

Bubba Turtle