Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bubba Turtle


Lorem ipsum said...

Ohhhhhh! So CUTE! I love turtles! I used to have two when I was a kid. Last month we went on a turtle walk when on vacation but didn't see any. It was very disappointing.

Is that a pet or one you found?

leslierahye said...

Bubba Turtle was found by one of Bill's coworker's boyfriends. When I went to rescue poor little Bubba he was living in a tank with a little drinking water and some carrots and leaves. They had no idea that they had an aquatic turtle!

I promptly fixed him a tank of water and a sunning rock...placed him in it and then bought a lamp and some turtle food the next day.

He is a red-eared slider--they are indigenous to Texas. He is a "found pet" so-to-speak! ;)

we love him!

Lorem ipsum said...

You are The Turtle Whisperer!