Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a chipboard anniversary!

Well…tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of my wedding to my beloved husband! It's been an adventure. Due to the trials of this past 6 months financially [van, house, other], we will be having a quiet anniversary. That's needed, that's desired. We will play with the Cub Scouts [it's Den Night] and then we'll go home and sup on something simple and easy. The day will be romantic none-the-less…you don't have to spend to have a romantic time.

Out of curiosity I looked to see what the significance of 15 is to the rest of the world. While learning that the Fifteenth anniversary gift was Crystal, I became amused to find that for the 17th anniversary my husband can give me CHIPBOARD! Won't he be excited about that!


Paula said...

Maybe Maya Road will have even more very cool chipboard by then!!!

leslierahye said...

my thoughts exactly!