Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It's Wednesday. Three more days and it'll be in my hands!!

The NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK! The LAST Harry Potter book. I'm conflicted.

I just saw the movie this past weekend for Order of the Phoenix and there were details that I thought were important and apparently I'm the only one that did! They were not there! The movie in and of itself was great…if you had never read the book. The characters were dead on. The basics of the plot were there. I know…it's hard to put that many pages on the screen in under 3 hours. Still loved it…just wished there was more.

Now…the new book…I might take my husband to work on Friday night so that I can make it to the midnight unveiling!! Wouldn't that be fun?? My son would probably think I'm crazy! He already does! J Then I could stay up and read while my husband works and then take my copy to work and read some more! I know patrons will be storming the doors in the morning to get the book!

Here's a fun link to things Harry: KidsReads


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