Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mmm. Pumpkin Cream Frappuccino

Yesterday in an effort to lift Mommy's spirits, the gang headed to Starbucks to get Pumpkin Cream Frappuccinos. Husband and I each got a Venti, we got a Grande for my son [aka Doodlebug] and for my daughter [aka Miss Fancy] to share—it seems Starbucks doesn't make a "kiddy" size—imagine that, folks think it's bad to give coffee to kids? The very idea.

So, we get our magnificent coffee concoctions and take off down the road. Doodlebug offers his sister a sip of the drink that they are sharing. She takes the cup…takes a pondered sip. Hesitates. And decides, "this stuff is GOOD!" She then places the cup in the position indicating it's hers, in her lap.
Doodlebug decides he would like another sip. He inquires to his sister if she is going to share. She want what??He asks again...she says "back off dude."

He inquires again. She replies with a hand in the face…"I said no!" [translation]
A final attempt results in the feet getting into the action of telling brother NO.

Mommy intervenes [between giggles] and says that Doodlebug has permission to take the drink that his sister will not let go of. He does.

When brother returns the drink to his sister, she takes a quick sip to make sure he didn't drink it all. Glares at the remaining laughing companions in the van.
She then proceeds to continue drinking the frappuccino with much joy.
Eventually she decides that it's okay to share with brother… as long as she gets to hold the cup… …and he agrees not to drink it all by himself… (she's checking the level in the cup!)
…and she gets to watch closely.
After this Mommy's spirits were much better! :D

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