Friday, November 02, 2007

wowee what a week...

Last week I learned that due to a mass in my thyroid I would be undergoing a battery of tests one including a radioactive iodine test that would measure how effective my thyroid is and get a better picture of the mass. At the same time i learned that I would be needing to abruptly wean my little girl, pay about 875 for my van's repairs, and somehow manage to get all the bills paid this month. Furthermore my old girl dog was having some problems and it became clear that our time with her will be more than limited. I was so ready for a big deep hole.
So I managed through the weekend. I let my mom and my husband see the real emotions--fear, sadness, disappointment--and dealt with the rest of the world by "not talking about it." I had a huge job ahead of me.
So how did it fair you ask?
Monday, Darling Daughter was weaned. My LLL coach recommended that I just spend the weekend nursing/pumping and loving her up and then just stop when I could not do it anymore. We've had moments...Monday night she decided rather than being snuggled she would just roll over and cry. I cried too. But for all practical purposes...she is weaned. No more nursing.
Tuesday, I had my dose of the isotope and went away. I returned to be scanned. My son and I finished his costume parts...Darling Husband had some finishing touches to go but it was looking GREAT.
Wednesday. I got my final scan. I went to my son's Halloween Treat Day--great fun--20 little 2nd graders told me they loved me and that I was beautiful. I love them all. I joined my family and friends on the square after work to hear that my son had won funniest costume in his group--4-7 year olds. He was a hotrod tractor! We had a blast going to houses of friends and trick-or-treating. We returned home and I convinced Fancy to try going to potty on the potty [her little trainer potty]--she did successfully and was amply impressed with herself! She's 19months! YEE HA! We'll be pleased to work on this more!
Thursday. We got Doodlebug to school, slept in with Fancy, ran a bunch of errands and I ended up at work. I got a heads up from Doodlebug's teacher that he was not feeling real well...when he got to me I looked at his throat [the complaint] and he looked lumpy. He went to the pediatrician that minute to be diagnosed with STREP. joy.
Friday. Doodlebug said he was better but not 100%. I stayed home with him until about 3...I then turned in his popcorn order of 1018! I found myself at work where they still haven't fixed my machine--We're getting close to a year now!
I look forward to this weekend...I'm hoping for peace and and sleep...perhaps a little yardwork and a little housework.
Next week...I find out my diagnosis on Thursday.

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