Saturday, January 26, 2008


Welp...It's officially been 11 weeks since I started Thyroid medication. And here's the facts:
1. lost 10 pounds essentially doing NOTHING--lots of cake, cookies, starchy potatoes have passed over my lips. I think I might actually watch that more closely and see what happens.
2. Despite the subtle changes I've noticed, the bloodwork indicates that perhaps my levels need to be altered some more and when the doctor and the pharmacy get their crap together I'll be taking a higher dose...this might improve the #1 spot?!?
3. Hair doesn't seem to be leaving my head as fast as it was--texture has changed again too. Complexion has been lovely. Stamina is better--not as tired ALL the time--just some of the time and usually Samantha induced! Sleep patterns are better but not optimum. Over heating not as bad.
4. BP has been ok considering the stress I've been under...we will keep monitoring as usual.
5. Back in 3 months for the WHOLE workup--thyroid, bp, pre-metabolic stuff...wowee...what fun.

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