Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the journey...

As Mommie commented..."here i am!"
it's been a while. I can tell you this. NO I have not stuck to my list for resolutions for the year. Shortly after my last post in February, things at my job became significantly worse. I left due to stress and hostilities in the workplace.
I then took a necessary but painful path through a fog of confusion, pain, uncertainty, and at times sheer terror. I came out the other side a changed [for the better I hope] person.
I have applied for numerous jobs and been on a few interviews. I am certain my previous freak out is a red flag for many of them. Luckily I have been somehow cushioned by money that manifested itself out of thin air...almost. The Lord and the Lady have been watching over us. My family has been watching over us. We are truly blessed.
During this time I have been allowed to volunteer heavily with my son's class and scouts and have thoroughly enjoyed that privilege. I have had the opportunity to watch just how fun my daughter can be and watch her try so hard to be a big girl! She is so funny! So is he!
During this time I have been able to be creative, to help friends who've needed me, to organize [some], to veg some, and to spend time with my darling husband who I am sure I'm driving nuts!
Then one day...out of the blue...I had offered a few times to help a friend of mine at her business. She finally asked for my help as she left out of town. I came in. I did my thing [I'm a people person, I'm a researcher, I'm a question answerer. I love that sort of thing]. When she got back, she asked me to come work for her. It's part time. sort's energizing and exciting and overwhelming sometimes. It's insanely busy some days and then there are days that allow for creativity. It works for now while I'm still looking and applying--and I am. I still check 3 times a week as I had been. It allows me to watch and wait for the perfect thing while having income in the house besides my hard-working husbands.
I'll say it again. Thank you Lord and Lady for watching over my family and helping us to find our way through this uncertain time. Thank you Mommie and Daddy for supporting us both emotionally and financially when we need it.

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