Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Ten Songs you're Embarrassed to Love
This was difficult as I don't let the silliness of the song hinder me from loving it or letting others know I love it. Since this is my first 10 on Tuesday, I decided to just list the songs I love!
1. I Put Your Picture Away/ Kid Rock with Sheryl Crow
2. I Walk the Line/ Johnny Cash
3. When You Say Nothing at All/ Alison Krauss
4. Not Ready to Make Nice/Dixie Chicks
5. True Blue/Madonna
6. Eternal Flame/Bangles
7. The Rose/Bette Midler
8. Favorite Things/from the movie Sound of Music
9. I Have a Dream/ABBA
10. Ironic/Alanis Morrisette

I began this blog prompt idea with the hopes of finding something to add to my blog each week...the week I began was apparently the last week they did this. I have not found another listing type prompt...in the future this will be The Queens Meme on Tuesdays.

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