Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Queens Meme #50--the Back to Fools Meme 08/24/2010

1. Do you know your primary colors? Describe for me, if you will, the colors red, blue and green to a blind person. (*hat tip special friend for this most excellent question!*)1st of all green is NOT a primary color but I will start there...Green is the color of the cool dew-kissed grass on your bare feet, the taste of spicy cilantro on your tongue the freshness of the lime...red is the smell of the sweet rose from a bush, the firie heat of the summer sun and speed of a racecar zooming past, blue is the smell of the ocean mist spraying your face, the coolness of the ice against your skin

2. What was your adult summer reading? read The Wimpy Kid Diary series and am reading the Harry Potter series again in prep for November's movie release.

3. When you assembled your clothes last night for today's activities - you did do that, didn't you? - what did you choose to wear? mentally I choose the clothes that I wore--black slacks and green print baseball cut shirt.

4. What's in your lunchbox?
no lunchbox...my boss takes me to lunch...although today my bff did.

5. Imagine that your teacher is your fantasy crush. What would you bring her/him on the first day of school? Hmmmmm??? COOKIES--the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

6. No rest for the weary. Your child's teacher just called. A big ole' bully knocked your precious one into a locker for no good reason at all.
What is your response to the principal?
Did she hit him back? good for her.

7. You have been given a pair of scissors, a glue stick and copy of Entertainment Weekly. Whose picture do you cut out and who do you glue to your headboard? noones...I would make a collage of words that reflect my mood at the time. no idols...

8. TEN POINT BONUS QUESTION! Now that you have time to watch all those Gilligan's Island reruns, tell me....What was the Professor really doing with Mary Ann all that time they were lost in the jungle? baking pies...did you not watch Gilligan's Island??

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