Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flying in week 2--remembering it's B A B Y S T E P S

This weekend held some fly baby challenges but I think I'm recovering nicely. Tonight my dishes are washed and my sink is shiny. While I'm still a ways away from doing missions and detailed lists, I am plugging through my 15 minutes a day decluttering and working diligently in my kitchen. This didn't get this way in 1 month...I know it will take time to undo. I am prepared for that. really really. This is the week for my control journal. I am a calendar junkie--love them love having MANY of them...I am ready to put my calendar in my control journal, however I'm at "Put paper in notebook" [insert picture of me with no smile-ha!].
This too shall pass. I will get a calendar in my Control Journal soon enough. It's a's about the process.
I listened to the founder of Fly Lady talk today about why it was/is important to get dressed to laceup shoes each day. I found that really thought-provoking. I love a good jammie day like the next person, but I promise to on at least one of my free weekend days where I really don't have to go anywhere to follow the fly-lady plan, after all what I have been doing wasn't working really well, was it? to being creative!

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