Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simplify the Holidays| A Christmas Story

I am aware it's not Christmas, nor is it near the holiday season, but I came across this today when reading Ali Edwards blog about what inspires her. I love her style and her focus and enjoy reading her blog from time to time. It's interesting to learn what inspires those who inspire us. She posted this link when talking about her December Daily--a month-long daily photo journal of December.
This December, out of necessity partly and out of desire mainly, I decided to make presents for the children and family. My parents especially appreciate when I give of myself and so to do my children. I did not get as far as I had hoped in completing their gifts and still have gifts to make. BUT, I did get something handmade to each family member and that in itself lit the spark that shall fuel my fire for this year. It is my intent to have a 100% handmade holidays from me this year. There. I said it outloud. I wrote it on my blog. It's out there, in I'm responsible.
Additionally to handmade gifts this past season, my children and I covered our tree in handmade treasures, garland included. We've enjoyed this so much that we will continue over this year making more handmade ornaments for next years tree. I'm glad we spent more time this year on each other and the joy of the season rather than run ourselves crazy with the commercialism of it all.

Read this post below, be prepared to cry. And I hope you find for yourself a place for sanity in your season next year.
Simplify the Holidays A Christmas Story

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